Kappa Omicron

Merrimack College

Chapter History

The Kappa Omicron Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha began at Merrimack College April 20, 2001. Currently one of two sororities on our campus, Zeta Tau Alpha is home to some of Merrimack's most promising and well-rounded women. Our members take pride not only in their membership to Zeta Tau Alpha, but also their commitment to their outside leadership positions, academics, and to their sisters. Kappa Omicron is the 229th link out of 251 collegiate chapters across the country. With over 206,000 initiated members Zeta Tau Alpha is the third largest National Panhellenic Group. Originally founded at the Female Normal School (now Longwood University) on October 15, 1898, Zeta works to promote Breast Cancer Education and Prevention. Every year the Zetas of Merrimack College put a tremendous amount of time and effort into fundraising. In past years, our chapter has raised over $10,000 dollars for Breast Cancer Education and Prevention. Unsure about joining greek life this year? Being in Zeta is about more than having another thing to add to your resume.ZTA lets you obtain lifelong friendship, involvement on campus practice in leadership positions, academics, and many other things. Visit the pages above to see if ZTA is for you!

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